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Gaciron Casco de Montaje de la Bicicleta Luz Set 600 lumen 2 en 1 USB Recargable Impermeable LED Delanteras y Traseras Luces de Bicicleta de 2500 mAh



Disponibilidad :En stock


Etiquetas: ángel almohada, cycl casco, casco led, grandes luces de bicicleta, pequeño casco de bicicletas de luz led, bicycl, accesorios de bicicleta general, la ciudad de bicicleta de montaña, bicycl de la lámpara, cubrebotas ciclismo.


  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Certificación: CE/RoHS/FCC
  • Fuente De Alimentación: Batería
  • Número De Modelo: V20C-600
  • Nombre De La Marca: GaCIROn
  • Montaje De La Colocación: Manillar

Small and lightweight flashlight with high power. Very fast delivery.

Mizlovely1 (2020-11-29)

The lantern top quality בטרוף, especially that has two directions of light It's very fast. Waiting petulantly for riding

Lzinberg (2020-12-10)

It was packed qualitatively. A box in a new style in a beige box. Included fasteners on the steering wheel and wire for charging. Fasteners on the helmet in the kit does not go, although the headlight is positioned as an alternative headlamp. Fasteners can be ordered separately as well as an external button. The front part is 500 lumen high. Back can light as white, cob diode at 100 lumen or red at 5 lumen. 2 modes on white and two on red. In the regular fastener backwards will not stand. The case is plastic. Weighs just over 100 grams, the battery measured about 2600 mAh. Done qualitatively. I'm waiting for the fastener on the helmet.

Saganami (2020-11-20)

This is one of the best lanterns among their representatives! Immediately I want to note, admire its quality of performance. Each lantern item is made by 100%. In addition to its small dimensions, the IPX4 protection class is added! This kid is super! The power of the lantern is high, as the seller states. The battery was enough for 2 hours of glow! With this power, this is a high indicator. In the kit there is a charging cord and a quality mount on the handlebar of a bike or motorcycle,

Jpmockler (2020-12-07)

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